Tracking Your Teenager’s Driving via GPS Has Never Been Easier!

"I’m afraid your son has been involved in a motor-vehicle accident…"

Even though the statistics say we should almost expect it, nothing prepares you for hearing those words.

Thankfully, with today’s technology, you can "be there" as your teenager gains experience on the road...

The Statistics are Horrific:

The shocking truth is that car crashes are the leading cause of DEATH among teenagers.

The proportion of teenage accidents is far higher than the proportion of teenage drivers. This means higher insurance premiums – and that feeling of dread when they’re even five minutes late!

Every time they grab the car keys you feel a horrible twinge - this could be the last time you ever see them in one piece.

Let’s face it, it’s unbearably painful - but to give your teenager freedom, you let them loose on the road, just hoping and praying they’ll be OK, right?

What else can you do?

FINALLY, there IS a better way...

Beating The Odds - Together

Here’s an easy question – if your teen driver knows you’re watching them, do they drive carefully?

Of course they do!

Now you CAN be there for them, in either real time or when it’s convenient for you.

Here’s how:

BOTH you and your teenager have an account on this website, combined with our specially developed satellite tracking device, the Intellitrac X1 Plus.

Now you just log into your account and you can both see:

  • Where the car went
  • Where it stopped
  • How fast it was going, at every stage of the journey

There are many more features too...

We call it TeenLocator, and the concept combines high-tech science with both freedom and accountability.

Any parent with an injured child knows an ounce of prevention is worth more than a ton of cure. As such we do NOT advise monitoring your teenage driver in secret. Instead the TeenLocator system gives your teenager the trust and freedom to drive alone, yet they also know you WILL monitor their driving habits...

The result is obvious – safer, more careful driving, vastly reducing the chance of an accident!

Extra Benefits

  • Priceless peace of mind!
  • Instant alerts – via cellphone SMS, email or both
  • No distractions or embarrassment – alerts are sent silently
  • Real time monitoring (watch the car move on the map) or when convenient
  • Immediate location of lost or stolen vehicle
  • Cheaper insurance from many companies
  • Set your own speed limit – receiving an instant alert if broken
  • Set restricted areas or geofence zones (not allowed in, or not allowed out)
  • Tow Alert (if vehicle moves with ignition off)
  • Full control and power of the car remains available for emergencies
  • Powered by car’s battery for high sensitivity without recharging
  • Curfew setting – with immediate alert if breached
  • Easy to install – but triggers alert if removed!
Geofence zones and alerts are awesome - they give me as a parent peaceful state of mind and I should never have to worry about my son having troubles getting to school or driving back home.
Thank you again for the reliable service and support!
Vladimir Kasperovich

Hi-Tech at Low Rates

Such technology is now a lot easier and more affordable than you may expect. Protect your teenage driver (and the car!):

  • Intellitrac X1 Plus unit costs only $395 $295
  • Monthly monitoring for both parents and driver from only $24.95
  • Money-back guarantee if not delighted
  • No "activation fee" or other hidden charges
  • No long term contract

Nothing Can Beat This!

Typically, teenage drivers are fit, have fast reaction times – but little or no experience at driving.

Just as pilots need to clock up sufficient hours before they can advance their careers, the stats prove that simple experience is the primary factor in road safety.

No amount of lessons, lectures or even "fender benders" can make up that difference.

What TeenLocator does is drastically reduce the chances of a life-altering accident, because no teenager (or parent) deserves that kind of experience.

TeenLocator prevents development of bad driving habits, while the location element discourages illegal bar visits or other places you’ve set "off limits".

Nothing, such as traffic signs or the risk of a ticket, will influence your teen’s driving as much as knowing you are effectively watching them!

Why Even Your Teenager Loves it:

One thing that may surprise you is that we’ve found teenage drivers often like this system as much as you do.

Here’s why:

  • Trust. We actively encourage you to inform your teenager, they even have their own account! There’s nothing sneaky or "spying" about TeenLocator
  • Invisible and silent – if they prefer they can keep it entirely secret from friends
  • They also have the option of using the service as an excuse to avoid "peer pressure driving"
  • Immediately locates their car if lost or stolen
  • Demonstrates absolute PROOF that they really ARE a great driver, even when you’re not there!

Getting Started:

All accounts work the same way, a combination of the hardware device and website accounts, for you and your teenager.

A quick note on hardware installation – it is actually easier to install the Intellitrac X1 Plus unit than to wire up a car stereo and full, detailed instructions are supplied. You may prefer to hand it to your favourite mechanic but many of our clients just install it themselves, as it’s very easy to do.

Note that all IMPORTANT ALERTS, SUCH AS SPEEDING, ARE SENT INSTANTLY, regardless of the plan you’ve chosen.

Your first step is to order the Intellitrac X1 Plus. This is shipped to you the very next business day, along with your login details for the website service.

Once you’ve received and installed the tracking device, just login and select the frequency of updates you want – that’s it.

For maximum safety and convenience the first 30 days of website service are already paid for you (FREE), so you can immediately relax, knowing your teenager is driving safely!

It’s a curious fact that teenagers are not discouraged by the risk of death or permanent disablement, they just get excited, while deep down they believe they’re immortal.

As a parent you know better, so please don’t delay.

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