GPS Tracking for Your Teenage Driver

Hardware & Website Service Combined, Tells You:

Exactly Where They Are

How Fast They Are Moving

Where They Stop

In Real Time - or Review Later!

Gps4Teens has been featured on an NBC29 WVIR Charlottesville segment about teen safety driving.

Much as we love our children, as teen drivers they are 20 times more likely to have a high-speed accident than drivers with more experience.

GPS tracking with TeenLocator is the safer, practical way of giving your teenager the freedom to drive alone - with the safe driving habits they ARE capable of when you’re in the car with them!

Our GPS tracking units are small and inconspicuous so your child’s friends never know that there is a GPS tracker installed in the vehicle.
  • Changes Driver Behaviour
  • Reduces Speeding
  • Increases Accountability
  • Allows Your Teen to Prove They're a Safe Driver!
  • Instant Location of Lost or Stolen Vehicle
  • Real Peace of Mind!
  • Many More Features...
  • Unlimited email and SMS alerts
  • Real-Time Moving Map
  • Detailed Online Reports
  • Auto insurance discount
  • No Fixed Contract
  • No Activation Fee
  • 30 day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Anywhere in the USA, 24/7!
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